Why build a kx2?

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    The KX3 was a home run in the market place. Why build a KX2 and what makes it different than the KX3?

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    Hi Eric,

    Some outings require an ultra-light station that can get by with fewer features than the KX3 offers. For these occasions we designed the KX2, which is half the size and weight of the KX3 but still covers 80-10 m, SSB/CW/data, and puts out up to 10 watts. In fact the rig is so small that I like to think of it as a "no-excuses" radio, i.e. there's no excuse not to take it everywhere :) What's really nice is having the mic, battery, and ATU built in and the keyer paddle attached. You can attach a whip or toss a wire in a tree and be on the air in seconds. This is my favorite style of operation -- hike to an overlook, pull out the radio, and see what the ionosphere is delivering that day.

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    It sounds like a great radio. I will put it on my wish list. I see a lot more hams going to the field now because of the KX3 and now the KX2.

    By the way, you did a great interview on HamRadio 360 on Field Day.
    73, Eric