Nick Kennedy Wa5bdu, Russellville, Arkansas Usa

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  1. Nick K

    Nick K Nick, WA5BDU

    First Licensed:

    January 1962 as WN5BDU

    First Rig:

    Transmitter: Homebrew one tube TX from the '57 Handbook built by my mentor, K5IVT. Receiver: Hallicrafters S-119 "Sky Buddy II" three tube receiver. Antenna: End fed random wire.

    Current Rig:

    Elecraft K3, various wire antennas plus a tribander. KX3 for QRP field operations and IC706IIG for mobile operations.


    Not many. Sweepstakes clean sweep was good. DXCC status around 225, all CW.

    Favorite ham radio area:

    I spend most of my ham time homebrewing which includes programming MCUs as well building RF circuits. But I like to get on the air too, for casual QSOs as well as contests, special events, and field operations. I work mostly CW but will work voice and data modes periodically. And I'm big on Field Day.

    Anything else or projects that you want to share.

    I'm the Eternal Novice, always trying to learn new stuff. I recently completed (mostly) a phasing type receiver. I have several projects cooking right now. I jump from one to the other which is why I have trouble ever totally finishing one, complete with enclosure.