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    First Licensed: 1965

    Other call signs: WB6ZCT, G5AJH, AA6NG, M0GCK

    First Rig: Drake Pair, T4X and R4X and Heathkit SB220 2KW Linear Amp

    Current Rig: Icom IC-706, in both ham shack and mobile

    Antenna: All band flagpole disguise antenna. Get the white paper on this antenna

    Favorite mode: SSB ragchewing

    Goldcoast Net
    W6AB - Satellite Amateur Radio Club - this is the club that John spoke about that has the Internetremote base station, using the Kenwood TS-2000 on the property of Vandenberg Air Force Base.

    Links: John's Personal Website

    Get Your Ham Radio License In One Day - is a program that John engineered that takes a full day of six 45 minute sessions to review the question pool for the US Amateur Technician Class license. John's course uses short term memory as the secret to his 85% success rate.