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  1. 4X1TQ

    4X1TQ 4X1TQ Yehuda

    First Licensed: 1956
    Call Signs: K8HGZ, WD2XEQ (experimental powerline communications), First Class Radiotelephone Commercial License - WQRS Detroit, 5kW @ 105.1 MHz, 4X1TQ
    Elmers: Father, David Cern and Uncle, Israel Lax. While not hams, they had the right idea
    First Rigs: Homebrew 6L6, 5-1625 AM Transmitters
    Current Rig: Kenwood TS-440S
    Favorite operating mode: CW with straight key
    Organizations: Israel Amateur Radio Club, Jerusalem Amateur Radio Society, ARRL Volunteer Examiner
    Currently active on Allstar Node: 28422, 4Z1UG

    : My areas of expertise

    o amplitude modulation am

    o electromagnetic compatibiliy

    o grounding

    o high voltage

    o impedance matching

    o Israel ham radio

    o lightning protection

    o noise and filtering

    o powerline communications

    o vacuum tubes
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.