Dayton: a K1NSS retrospective

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    It's hard to sum up the Dayton ham experience in a few words or images. For any operator, the Hamvention is an assault on the senses, throwing gasoline on your imagination as money burns the blackest of holes in your pocket. Between the radios, the donuts, the antennas, the donuts, the LED On Air signs, and all OTHER manifold varieties of salty, sugary, greasy ambrosia that tempt one at every turn, perhaps the only fitting sound track would be the Yardbirds' chaotic rave-up "Over, Under, Sideways, Down."

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    The exhibits.

    Here's where the bleeding edge of ham radio accessories get rolled out beneath a historically accurate Mid-Century Modern drop ceiling. Unbeknownst to most Hamventioneers, that pitch-perfect reproduction of 1961 basement Rumpus Room decor is torn out and replaced every year by a team of Italian trompe l'oeil faux finishers who keep their hand in off-season doing touch-up work on the Sistine Chapel ceiling. Yes, "torn-out" is strictly a figure of speech in this case, because there is no suspended ceiling over Hara exhibition areas, but rather a streched canvas on which a new cracked, stained, and punctured faux suspended ceiling is annually repainted anew. Who knew? You heard it here first.

    Did you catch the giant used baby food jar exhibit? Maybe not, it was located in one of those more obscure exhibition halls, the ones you end up if you lose the trail of bread crumbs leading back to the loading dock, or is it the main entrance? When it comes to finding our way around the Hara, we just throw up our hands like the senior we are, faced with a VCR control panel and let the damn arena blink 12:00 and just keep walking until we smell pizza, or something.

    Half the fun is mingling with hams from Many Lands, or ExoPlanets as the case may be. What a bunch of weirdos, all attracted likes moths to the same flame as us. Hey, we resemble that coincidence! Of all Dayton's Peak Experiences, that perhaps is the most instructive. Only by attending Dayton year after year, does one keep one's head ever so slightly above Denial.

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    Did you miss all the fun?

    No you didn't.

    That's because Dashtoons created an incredible Virtual 'Vention simulation, and you're invited to immerse yourself in that strangest state of mind, at Dayton The Home Version, Executive Edition.

    Kidding, because we love.

    That's what we do at Dashtoons.

    73 Jeff

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