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    w2cyk Bob, W2CYK

    First Licensed: 1976
    First Rig: Drake TR-4
    Current Rig: TS-2000, FT-857, IC-706MKIIG, IC-756PRO,
    Awards: Boy Scouts of America/ARRL
    Favorite ham radio area: CW...working pileups on either end...80M DX Window, ragchewing, antennas, elmering, software design and development

    Most of my time these days is taken up by managing the World Wide Repeater Directory... just became the Online Repeater Directory of the ARRL. We are also the repeater directory of RAC CA, RSGB GB, ARS IT, REF FR, URE ES, FMRE MX, CARS KY, REP PT, and LABRE BR...more countries coming soon!

    Licensed in 1976 at Pearl River High School, Pearl River, NY, as WA2JDH Moved to Colorado in 1984, changed call to N0FYS Moved back to NY in 1986, but retained N0FYS Decided to change call in 2001, to take my grandfather's old call, W2CYK, which was the station license for my house when my Grandparents lived here.

    I was off the air mostly from 1995 thru 2001. The Internet had me caught in its web...

    9/11 inspired me to dust off the rigs and get back on.

    My Son, Jesse, born in 2000 is a General! W2EEO is his call...It was his Great Grandma Madelaine's...

    I am a 3rd Generation ham...My family:

    Grandpa W2LH ART (ex 2AMW, W2CYK, and one other call lost in history) SK in 1991 :-( Art was my inspiration for a life of technology....Grandma W2EEO MADELINE (SK :-( 94 in 2003), Lived in San Diego with My Aunt.... Sylvia N6VSU (SK 2005 :-() (ex W2GPK)...My favorite Dad, Marty, K2ACM and of course my favorite son, Jesse...W2EEO...

    My other hobby is Scuba Diving, I am a PADI Instructor and I love diving Wreck Valley off of Long Island's South Shore.

    I am a Certified Document Imaging Architect/Systems Architect by trade, designing Imaging enabled workflow systems. I wrote IBM's proposal for EZ-Pass and portions of MetroCard...

    My callsign in the Caymans is ZF2BG...I operated from the club station 5/13/2010-5/18/2010 with my son Jesse W2EEO ZF2WR) courtesy of ZF1EJ...Thanks Andrew!

    April 2012 PJ4S DXpedition to Bonaire with my son W2EEO and Dad K2ACM.

    July-Aug 2012 YDXA Youth DX Adventure TI5/W2EEO (my son Jesse), TI5/W2CYK from QTH of TI5KD 4 days then 4 days from The Arenal Volcano. Hotel San Bosco in La Fortuna is antenna friendly!!!

    Recently spoke at the ARS Italia National Convention
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    kp4md Carol, KP4MD/6

    Hi Bob. Yours was one of the first QSOToday interviews that I listened to. Sorry I don't remember hearing of W2LH and W2EEO, but what a small world! Oscar Rubinger WB2GVN was an electrician and a neighbor of ours in Throggs Neck (northeast Bronx). Back in early 1970 Oscar referred me to Mark Grossman K2CON when as a teenager I was looking for a ham to administer my first license exam. I first met Mark when he worked in sales at Arrow Electronics on 97 Chambers St in Manhattan. Mark later gave me the Technician code and written exam at his apartment in Jamaica, Queens. I remember hearing Mark often on the LIMARC repeater and I did visit him at the Harrison Radio store in Farmingdale, L.I. and later when he moved to their store on W 45th St in Manhattan. I moved from New York in 1976 and in the 90's I was delighted to hear and QSO with Mark again one day on the 15 meter JHS 22 WB2JKJ radio club net. He sent me a QSL card and this photo. Mark sadly passed away in 2010 and he has memorial pages on and
    73, Carol KP4MD, Citrus Heights, California[​IMG]